Terrorist: Dan Holman, Army of God

Army of God’s work, circa 1996, Atlanta Olympics.

danholmanpic.jpg Dan Holman, Terrorist

This Terrorist’s Organizations: Army of God, Operation Rescue, Missionaries to the Preborn.

This Terrorist’s
Homepage: http://www.armyofgod.com/danholman.html

Warnings: Since this one is a member of Army of God, do not approach, do not speak with or volunteer any information that could jeopardize other citizens. If you are on the Army of God enemies list, do not trust Law Enforcement to protect you, as they have sympathizers throughout Law Enforcement. Shoot on sight if you feel threatened. This group blew up the olympics, bombs clincs, kills doctors and employees of clinics, sends anthrax, assaults and kills supporters of choice, assaults and kills patients of women’s clinics (including ones that don’t perform abortions), assaults and kills Gays and Lesbians, and bombs Gay and Lesbian nightclubs.Lethal-force self-defense is highly recommended against any member of Army of God. Using lethal force self-defense is legal in every state in the Nation.

Friends of This Terrorist:

http://thereaganwing.wordpress.com/Operated by Doug Parris – More information to come.


Things to do if sighted: If you see this Terrorist, take pictures and/or video of him, and anyone he is associating with. Post as a comment to this “Wanted Poster”. If you manage to know where he hangs out, we would love to get audio of him recruiting, seeking donations, and planning attacks (Video with audio would be even better). We want to know what banks he uses, and we want to know who gives him ANY form of money for ANY purpose. If he approaches you, and you feel threatened, use Lethal Force Self Defense (he is very clear on killing people he disagrees with in his Terrorist Manifestos).

Things to do if you spot people supporting him: If the support is online, please post a comment to this “Wanted Poster” with the links. If the support is organizational, then provide all relevant details, including names and known locations and contact information for all organizations supporting him, including churches, since this is a “Holy Terror” group, they have church support. Please include lists of contact and location information for all known principals and shareholders of the Organization. If the organization is supporting Terrorists while operating with a Section 503 tax exemption, please include that information. If the support comes from business owners, provide ALL relevant information. All information supplied will be made public here. America needs to know who the supporters of Terrorists are

Question: How is a man from the most notorious Terrorist group in US history allowed anywhere near a Hillary event, especially since they have threatened assassination of both Clintons hundreds of times, if not thousands? Secret Service incompetence? Secret Service malfeasence? Why wasn’t this Jihadist shot on sight?


Lastly, remember, this isn’t a human being. He is a Terrorist, and that is a form of life lower than dog shit, and he is a good argument for a retroactive abortion in order to protect the public from his acts.America is at war against Terrorists – ALL TERRORISTS MUST DIE – especially the ones who live in this country.

A clinic that Army of God bombed.

~ by Terrorism is Terrorism on 20071217.

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