This page has been created as a response to several things:

  • The rampant rise of Jihadist Christian Terrorism against Americans.
  • The fact that not only does Law Enforcement do nothing to prevent such Terrorism, but that such Terrorist groups have both members and sympathizers deeply embedded in Law enforcement.
  • The fact that many radical right wing public officials not only openly support such groups and people, but that they also encourage Terrorism against Americans by such groups and people.
  • The fact that talk radio openly endorses such groups, and incites violent acts on their behalf.
  • The fact that networks such as FOX News Channel are on record openly supporting such people and groups.
  • The fact that the United States Supreme Court has even found that such people and groups can post Internet “hit lists” of their enemies, right down to details about the families and associates of their targets.

There are many reasons for this page, but the main reason is that the radical Jihadist Christian Right doesn’t quite understand that they too are legitimate targets in the war against Terrorism.

What the right just doesn’t quite understand is that Terrorism is Terrorism.

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